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This complete kit is ideal for worm composters who generate up to 5 lbs of food waste per week.


This time-saving, efficient, and low-mess lateral flow worm bin is designed for easy harvesting and continuous feeding. Feed one side only until you reach 50 lbs of food waste, then switch to feeding the other side and the worms will migrate through the divider's holes to where the new food is. Wait for the worms to finish eating the side you stopped feeding, and then get ready to harvest pure vermicompost! No more sorting of worms from vermicompost from food waste.


The Wiggle Room Jr comes with a sealed latching lid to keep unwanted pests out. It has an attached CNC-milled bin divider with perfectly spaced holes for worm migration between sides, holes on all sides of the bin for air flow and cooling, drain holes at the bottom, and 2 colors of worm blankets to keep the wormies snug. Color coded worm blankets: green for feeding, yellow for curing.


Wiggle Room Junior Starter Kit includes:

  • Wiggle Room Junior Worm Bin
  • 1/4 lb of Worms
  • Green Worm Blanket
  • Yellow Worm Blanket
  • Bedding
  • Bag of Shredded Paper
  • 2 Bricks to get you off the ground


Pickup in Manoa or Salt Lake

Limited Availability


Place an order via email:

Wiggle Room Jr Starter Kit

  • Dimensions:

    W 30 in
    D 14.25 in
    H 12.75 in

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