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Fueled by their love for the environment and the realization that they can make a difference even in their own backyard, Phil and Liyan started The Worm Collective as a way to connect with, educate, and inspire others to collectively work towards the creation of a new sustainable Earth.

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A former finance professional in the energy sector, and entrepreneur in community education, Phil spent a year as a Waste Recovery Specialist at the Windward Zero Waste Hui, where he gained in-depth knowledge about waste diversion and collection, hot composting, and vermicomposting techniques & systems. With a new found love of worms and their tremendous potential to support sustainable and healthy food systems, he's on a mission to "Worm the World".

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Liyan's passion for a sustainable environment and saving the world led her to become an engineer and then as an architect. Since learning about worms and vermicomposting, she has developed a renewed connection to the earth and is dedicated to spreading the aloha of our Mother Earth's natural abundance through education and design. Her design skills were instrumental to the development and fabrication of the Wiggle Room Jr. and her experience as a Quality Assurance engineer is crucial for monitoring the quality of each batch of vermicompost.



Resident Fertilizer Expert

Mello has spent the past 8+ years honing her olfactory skills. She comes to the project with a particular expertise in all things poo related. Licensed and (potty) trained in the state of Hawaii, Mello is dedicated to inserting herself into as many photos as possible.

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